cinpskillslab Clinic Immersives - Nurse Practitioner Skills Labs Enterprise

The Clinic Immersives NP Skills Labs Enterprise allows nurse practitioner (NP) students to develop clinical lab skills using their own affordable Oculus Quest mobile VR with unlimited access, anywhere-anytime, using hand tracking inputs to practice in either guided or expert modes.

Quest Hand Tracking

NP learners and faculty access the Clinic Immersives NP Skills Labs through a Cloud-based enterprise that provides application control, headset control, learner progress monitoring, and rich analytics reporting of learning outcomes that provides insight for every aspect of clinical skills labs, learner performance, and learner and class skills gaps.  

No travel is required, availability of practice is nearly unlimited, and the enterprise incorporates a physiology engine that allows for customization to present a diversity of patient and case scenarios.

Emerging research has shown that students acquire skills more rapidly, with greater accuracy, and retain skills longer through immersive learning experiences.


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CEO, inciteVR
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