Virtual Patient Modeling with the Pulse Physiology Engine

Immersive learning (VR) is more than just a new technology. It is a unique type of learning experience. Achieving the maximum learning benefit from immersive learning experiences requires a fundamental shift in approach - moving from the legacy focus of designing and implementing learning products for institutional needs, practices, and structures to a focus where the learner's experience is truly at the core and the learner's personalized instructional needs are the overarching guiding framework.

Among the myriad tools and processes used by inciteVR in developing immersive learning is the use of an embedded physiology engine framework to both leverage empathy and broaden the diversity of clinical practice experiences.

Kitware's Pulse Physiology Engine allows us to bring the 'story' of the virtual patient to life with real-world case data.

by Jim Kiggens

Pulse is an Open Source, multi-platform, comprehensive human physiology simulator that is available as a package for Unity.  

Transforming the Immersive Learning Enterprise for Nurse Practitioner Clinical Skills Education

To learn more about the integration of the Pulse engine in the Clinic Immersives NP Skills Labs Enterprise, stay tuned for the upcoming release of a White Paper on the topic by Kitware, the School of Nursing at Purdue Global University, and the team from inciteVR. 

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Using the Pulse Engine to bring patients to life f...


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Monday, 20 May 2024